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Here's the deal, with upstarts like Jacob, then Ed then the worst offender Paul trying to challenge the supremacy of my website, I feel I have no option but to retaliate. A quick warning to thee, this page is probably just going to be really long, wordy and boring. But I most certainly would not be the only one to have such Select a page and then Make no mistake, the above list is hardly exhaustive. Both Paul and Jacob have plenty of boring, wordy webpages that don't come to mind as I never bothered to read them.

I hadn't checked up on the guestbook of Ivy and Jarone's site for a while. When I saw it recently though, I was shocked to find these quotes:

Ivy - "[This page has] just little weirdly-things to try to mask the fact that we can't do spiffy technical WOW stuff."
Paul - "Well, JonC can do spiffy technical wow stuff, and look how terrible HIS site is! >:)

Consider this quote from Jacob in my guestbook: "I have over 300 hits to my site, which is 150 per week, which has to beat out anybody I'm competing with." This quote is conclusive evidence that my site is openly challenged. As for this particular comment, while Jacob's Site was indeed getting dozens of hits per day while I was getting a dozen hits per week at the time, I knew that the hype over his site would die out very quickly and whaddya know, it did.

Nibbles with Frags At one point, Jacob was whining to me very badly on my complaints page saying, "[P]rogram it so that people from all around the world can get on your webpage and play Nibbles With Frags (NWF) (tm) against each other.... Hurry up, I need to Frag Paul more!" Besides setting me up for the next challenge, such quotes in my complaints section reinforce my suspicion of an extreme obsession over Paul that Jacob has. After I made it clear that I can't do NWF in JavaScript, Jacob proclaims on his site, "Project Nibbles With Frags - Soon you can kill Paul from the comfort of your own home!" Well, it's been several months since then, and I haven't been fragging anyone in the comfort of my home, let alone Paul. Like I figured, all talk.

It wasn't long until Ed got in on the act with The Website of Ed Hsieh. Upon the establishment of the site, Ed pleaded to the websurfer, rather pathetically, to reload his site 50 times for the specific purpose of trying to beat my hit counter. In this case, my discontent is not with Ed as much as it is on those who actually answered his plea, reloading his counter a ridiculous number of times, and making slanderous comments in his guestbook.

I'll admit I was actually getting worried that Ed's counter might rival mine what with people reloading his site 50 hits at a time. However, in a tribute to justice, his counter stalled at about 1000 hits and has never picked up again. But in Ed's Guestbook there are even worse insults.

Betty said, "Pretty background and nice link to that WebMonkey page." What the hell is this?! I've had a link to the Webmonkey place on my JavaScript page for ages. Actually, both of the sites on his links page, Webmonkey and Chemfinder I told Ed about, and yet it is he who takes the credit for finding these sites?! Not fair says I.

Not only Betty, but many complimented Ed on his background graphic. In fact, even I had to admit it's neat looking-ness. However, I hope I've adequately demonstrated how easily something as simple as a background graphic can be ripped off.

But even worse coming forth from his guestbook is a comment from Tina: "Yah Ed. This page, though still young, surpasses all other web pages. esp. JonC's." Now this was just too much, and was what first had me contemplating this particular page. I mean, have you ever heard such malicious slander? Or read such libel as Suzanne and Paul correct me? Well, I've got my own little counterquote... "Ed, you have an excellent website.... It is good. But not as good as Jonc's I'm afraid. His page is a classic." --James

Finally, we come to the worst offender, Paul's Website. From the beginning, by branding me the devil, hostile intentions were obvious. There are simply too many infractions on his part to mention, so I'll just note some of the more recent ones.

Lame Ass Parody Quality Ass Parody Look to the right for a lame ass parody Paul made of the picture of myself that I posted. Talk about poor quality. The one on the left, now that's quality demonic imagery if I do say so myself.

Paul has these rather obnoxious opening splash pages to his site that takes forever to cycle through. Just as the final page loaded, there would be a color fade-in effect. I'll admit I was initially impressed by the effect, but I'm the JavaScript master around here, and so you see my own parody splash page when you come to this page.

I thought that Ed's pleading for reloaded hits was pretty lame, but Paul proved how much more lowly and pathetic a Junior God can be. He contrived a way for an extra window to pop-up on his main page that would result in his automatically getting a hit on his counter every 10 seconds while the window was open. His counter "died" again, so it would not suprise me if he were to do something similarly lame again.

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