Subj: Re: Hello?!
Date: 4/23/99
To: Flashbacck, Zynervis,
To:, JAViola, RPearlV
To:, Nataelia, Gremlin930

Before we can plan WHAT we want to do, I think we really need to get an idea WHEN we can do anything. That is, when will everyone's break time overlap well enough for everyone.

I can say for the UCLA people (Angie, Christine and I) that we'll be done Spring quarter by June 19. So how about everyone else?

I got the impression that Legoland is really a place for lil' kiddies. Not so sure how much stuff will be interesting there for us.

Well, aside from any bigger trips you're planning, sometime probably over break, probably over Summer, everyone has to come crash at my house. We're just now moving into a new place in Arcadia.

We'll have pool so we can cool off in Summer, have dogs (1 German Sheppard, 1 Welsh Corgi, 2 Chihuahuas (maybe more if we keep one of their puppies) to play with, couple big TVs to watch, fairly large yard to play random outdoors stuff, possibility of having pool table by then, and maybe someone can come help setup a LAN for gaming. And hey, it won't cost anyone anything. Just have to get everyone together, maybe grab some swimsuits, boardgames and/or balls to play in the yard and just go crazy doing whatever we can in the break time we have.

Okay, now that I'm done with my pitch, I'll move on to suggestions for the general trip. Road trip sounds interesting, but who's actually going to drive and how would the logistics work out in general? I'm definitely more amenable to something where we can all actually DO something together. Watching movies and going on amusement park rides are much too passive and non-interactive. Something where we can all actually do something interesting, like work together on a project or I mean a goal-oriented task where we can do team oriented/competitive stuff and actually DO something. Of course, how to find something that everyone would be interesting in doing?

Actually, with that, I think crashing at my house is a really good idea. Not easy to find something that everyone will like doing. But some people can swim, some can play with dogs, some can play basketball, some can watch TV/Movies, some can play pool (if we've got it), some can play on the computer, some can play board games, some can just hang out and chat sitting in the shade out on the lawn.

Okay, I guess I'm biased in my suggestion, but I do really want to open up the house once we've moved in and made it all nice like.

Uh, okay, I feel guilty now that I haven't given any particularly constructive comments. I'll just stop now in that case.