Subj: Summer House Party Plans
Date: 5/2/99

In an effort to start bringing ideas into plans, here's what I'm figuring off the top of my head.

Plans for Summer Break House Party at JonC's:

// -------------------------- WHEN -------------------------- //
* Saturday, June 19, 1999 Morning - Late at Night
- This is the weekend immediately following finals week at UCLA corresponding to one week after Cal State LA finishes finals week. If anyone is unable to make it on this day, please reply so we can make arrangements.

// -------------------------- WHERE -------------------------- //
* JonC's House in Arcadia (Relatively close to that Soup Plantation for those of you who were at Betty's birthday thing).
- For the moment, I shall assume everyone can find their own means of transportation to arrive and depart from Arcadia. If you do not, look on the attendance list (below) and find someone who can give you a ride.

// -------------------------- WHO -------------------------- //
As extrapolated from the e-mail list:
- Alice - Altair - Andrew
- Angela - Betty - Brain
- Claudia (and Tommy by extension?)
- Ed Baum - Ed Hsieh - Haley
- Ivy - James - Jarone - Joe
- JonC (if he's not busy and doesn't have to stay home)
- Rebekah - Suzanne - Z

- If you don't plan on attending, please reply to let us know so we can take you off the e-mail list and so we won't be counting on you to show up only to be disappointed when you don't.

// -------------------------- WHAT -------------------------- //
Off the top of my head, but our activties for the day I suspect will be a lot of "burn that bridge when we get to it" style of planning.
- Morning hike for those up for it (apparently some trails nearby, or so my dad claims)
- Noontime swimming to cool off after hike
- Lunch fits in somewhere amongst the above two. Perhaps separate for those not wishing/comfortable swimming (better start working out now to look good then).
* Assorted activites to ensue perhaps including (list non-exhaustive as depending on what everyone including yourself can think of)
- Visit arboritem, or was it botanical gardens. I don't know, but heard is pretty
- Play with doggies in yard (and Chihuahuas in the house)
- Get water balloons and the like for play on lawn?
- Watch big TV/Videos; Suggested videos:
. Ed says, "I absolutely ABSOLUTELY demand we rent Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, and the Big Hit
. And Brain says, "Altair has never seen Beauty and the Beast. How sinful is THAT?"
- Board games? Card games? Anyone with Magic cards, bring 'em!
- Basketball hoop to play on above garage
- D&D: Shadow Over Mystara Arcade game, Working on getting it now but costs hundreds of dollars but I want it very, very badly
- Someone bring network hub and everyone bring computers to setup temporary LAN for gaming. Who's qualified to do this? Altair? Tommy? Please reply so we can see if this is actually feasible or not.
- Pool table? Hope to get it, but wouldn't count on it
- Visit nearby mall if interested (ie not interested in anything else)
- Eat dinner in house or out? Lots of nice places in Arcadia like:
. Red Lobster
. Claim Jumper with their 26 ounce prime ribs
. Red Lobster
. Sesame Grill
. Red Lobster
. Soup Plantation? Marie Calendar's?
. Did I mention RED LOBSTER?
- As always, can just lounge around and chat. In house, on lawn, by pool, at dinner, etc.

That's all I'm thinking off the top of my head at 2:30 am now. Please input more ideas. Particularly, my mom pointed out that most of my ideas are really only interesting to guys so girls give suggestions what you'd want to do or would like to see ready when arrive.

// -------------------------- WHY -------------------------- //
Why everyone absolutely must manage to come and answers to some general questions.
This will probably one of the last chances for us to get together before many of us disperse to the winds. It's simple for everyone, basically all you have to do is arrive and bring yourself and a good mood ready to have a fun day. Will only take one day on one weekend so shouldn't be difficult to find the time. And...

James > Best of all it's cheap
Indeed. Besides the cost of gas and maybe money for food and board games or mall stuff, shouldn't cost anyone anything. As pointed out...

Joe > Besides, it's not MY house that will be ransacked and messed up
Nuff said

Brain > I read JonC's near-Utopian suggestion
I looked up Utopian: "Proposing ideal social and political schemes that are IMPRACTICAL"
Hey! What the hell is that supposed to mean? I think this is more practical than any other prior suggestion.

Ed > where's the horsey?
No more horseys. Sorry, they all be sold already. Just the four dogs.

> Can I go swimming in full attire?
Um, I suppose. But wouldn't the waterlogged weight of your clothes make you drown? And uh, I don't think we could let you back in the building once you finish swimming if you're all wet and drippy
> One time JonC's doggie jumped up and licked me on the mouth.
Just thought I'd mention, that was the female Chihuahua who just had puppies and who would regularly eat/lick up her puppies poop and pee and lick people in the mouth.
> A solar-heated pool sounds really cool.
Really? I would hope it would be warm. Well, our pool is exposed to the sun, does that count as solar heated? Can't do much about that I'm afraid, but will probably want a cool pool after a hot and sweaty hike.

That's all for now. Please RSVP (to everyone) with whether or not you plan on attending and further ideas/suggestions for what we can do.