Subj: Plan Updates
Date: 5/8/99

//--------------------- WHEN --------------------------- //
Since Andrew is graduating or whatever ridiculous reason it is that he can't make it on the 19th, I propose we change the date to one week after

* Saturday, June 26, 1999 Morning - Late at Night

But only if no one else has a problem with this day, so if you do, e-mail everyone back so we know. So unless anyone has a problem making the new date, I think we should go with that, otherwise we'll stick to the original date and just abandon Andrew. Of course, there was that time you guys went ice skating while Ed and I were taking the MCAT, and you couldn't even wait one day for us. And don't be making any silly excuses like it was Andrew's birthday and had to be done that day or something similarly ridiculous.

Morning - Late at Night:
If you want to go on the hike (more of a light walk, see below) we should meet up about 9-10 o' clock to give us a couple hours before lunch. If you want to bypass the hike, then noontime sounds good, so you can arrive just in time for lunch with everyone. Lunch will be provided for those who want it, but be prepared to pay for your own dinner... at Red Lobster.

Late at Night means as late as you can stay until your ride leaves or you get bored. I would think around or past midnight, but with EEPsters, I'm betting a lot of you are just going to leave around 10pm. In either case, it's up to you (or your ride that is).

// ------------- WHERE -------------- //
JonC's House. If for some reason you want to know the exact address right now, it's 1033 Encanto Dr.
Arcadia, CA 91007

Again, I'm assuming y'all are big kids now and and can find your own means of getting to and from Arcadia. If you're having transportation problems see the attendance list below and look for someone in your area who says they can provide transport.

// ----------------- WHO --------------- //
Same list, except I added Christine

Name		Confirmed	Transport
Alice Y Provide around CSLA
Angela Y
Betty Y Go with Brain?
Brain Y
Ed Hsieh Y
Haley Y
Ivy Y
Rebekah Y Provide for Pasadenaish
Suzanne Y Go with Brain
Z Y?

Andrew Not done 'til 22nd
Jarone In Town?

Altair No respone
Christine No respone
Claudia (and Tommy) No respone
Ed Baum No respone
James No respone //Assume yes cause Suzanne confirmed?
Joe No respone //Assume yes cause Bekah confirmed?

// --------------- WHAT ------------------ //
Same as before, some addendums:

* HIKE: My dad says there's some trail nearby we can go to. It's not a real "hike" apparently though. Just a 1-2 mile light walk up a few hundred feet of elevation to a waterfall or something. Shouldn't take less than 2 hours to get up, take a break and have some sandwiches, and come back down.

* Yard play: Got the dogs and a basketball hoop. Can somebody bring a basketball? How about a badminton set or volleyball net? Water balloons? If anyone has these, let us know and bring them.

* Videos: Those who wish to can watch some videos during the day, but I really want to discourage watching too much because it's much too passive. This should be a fun, interactive day for everyone. You can passively watch videos at home anytime, but especially from now, it's going to be much harder to assemble everyone to do stuff together, so let's use the opportunity well.

* Bring What you Got: The options we have for what to do will largely depend on each and everyone of you. So if you've got a badminton set, some cool or classic board/party games or, to a lesser extent, videos, let us know what you have in mind and then bring 'em.

That's all that comes to mind now. See you all there.