Subj: House Party, 11th Hour Plans
Date: 6/23/99
To: Everyone

Sorry guys, these plans would've gotten out a couple days sooner, but I kept falling asleep before I could get to them. This should be relatively final plans but expect a phone call tonight for confirmation and maybe one more e-mail Thursday or Friday.

// ---------------------- WHEN ---------------------- //
* Saturday, June 26, 1999 Morning - Late at Night
- Hiker's Arrival 9:00am
Those who wish to hike/walk will meet in the morning and subsequently head up drive up to the trail. To get there, hike up and back down I'm guessing to take about 2 hours.

- General Arrival 12:00pm
Everybody else, and about the time people return from the hike, get dropped off or park near my house to swim and have lunch (will be provided).

- Departure, Nighttime
When you leave is really up to you, or up to your transportation provider that is. I would expect it to be some time later at night, after midnight depending on how much energy people still have left, so sleep early the night before.

// ---------------------- WHERE --------------------- //
* JonC's House in Arcadia
1033 Encanto Dr.
Arcadia, CA 91007

- For a map, go to and near the top you can select a map section where you can punch in the above address.

- I'll assume that you can all find some means of transportation and that you can at least find your way to the general Arcadia area (call someone if you can't).

- For hikers, in the morning we will actaully rendevous at the Washington Mutual on Huntington because it's relatively easy to spot. I don't remember the exact address or cross street but you'll hear more about it tonight.

- For the rest of you, one method of getting to the house, at least that I'm aware of...

. From Huntington Dr.,
. East of Rosemead Blvd but West of the Fashion Park and Race Track
. Turn North on Golden West
. Follow Golden West for a bit (careful for dips and confusing forks in the road)
. Find Encanto on your left and turn in
(careful, the sign is small and probably obscured by trees)
. About a block down, look to your right for 1033 and that'll be my house.

// ---------------------- WHO ---------------------- //
Name	Confirmed?	Notes:
Altair Y Telephone can be reached at?
Andrew Y Telephone can be reached at?
Angela Y
Betty Y Go with Brain?
Brain Y N64 + Super Smash Bros?
Dewey Y Telephone can be reached at? 2pm
Ed Baum Y Goldeneye
Ed Hsieh Y
Haley Y
Ivy Y Music?
Jacob Y
James Y
Joe Y Dancing moves
Lin Y? No Christine anymore?
Rebekah Y Provide for Pasadenaish
Susan Y 2pm
Suzanne Y Frisbee? Go with Brain
Z Y?

Jarone ??? Telephone can be reached at?
In town? Better be... or else!

Claudia ???
Tommy ???
Sumanta ??? Guitar?

Alice N
Christine N

- Check if there's any important note by your name that needs to be addressed. Particularly, e-mail back a telephone number where you can be reached in the evenings if I noted above that I need it, unless you're sure that someone else on the list will have it.

// ---------------------- WHAT ---------------------- //
What to bring with you...
* Look above if there's something you are specifically supposed to bring, and be sure to bring it. Other than that, stuff to bring in general for everyone...

To Bring, Checklist:
- Swimming Suit + Towel (if you want to swim)
- $15 - $20 for dinner (see below)
- Rollerblades (if you have 'em, bring 'em)
- Music CDs
- Video tapes you want to see/show
- Board Games, Jigsaw Puzzles or similar
- Party game ideas and good stories to tell

Hiker's Addendum:
- Water bottle
- Sandwich/snacks for break at end of trail
- Comfortable walking shoes
- Change of clothes?

Most Importantly of All to Bring:
- A good mood and free spirit prepared to run amok and just have a fun day

Note: Because of the sheer number of people who are apparently coming (about 2 dozen) videos and the like might not be such a bad idea to keep everyone occupied and in separate areas of the house.

*** Dinner ***
- There's a very nice restaurant called Sesame Grill which I am opting for us to go to. For a group of our size, we'll want to make reservations, so when you are called tonight, you must confirm whether or not you are going.

- Price: $11-$26/dish + drinks and tip. Expect about $15-$20.

- Hopefully nobody has too big of a problem with the above. If you're totally adverse to the situation, I guess some people can stay behind and just order pizza, but that would be pretty lame I think. It's a really nice restaurant, it's worth it.

- Two tables of 10 people, or several booths of 4-6 people? I'm inclined towards the latter as large dinner tables don't work too well unless you really want to yell across the table which I don't. Smaller groups will be easier to manage and simply make for a more intimate setting anyhow. The only issue would be how to split into groups but I'm figuring everyone will naturally do that anyway. So unless anyone would care to make a rebuttal...

Expect a phone call tonight, if you don't get one, call me or someone else on the list.

JonC (
(310) 443-0679 UCLA Apt (Where I'll be until Friday)
(626) 487-8912 Cell Phone + Voice Mail
(626) 445-5486 Arcadia Home

Will soon put up all information on web at:

// ------ Compiled E-mail List: ------ //,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,