Subj: House Party Updates
Date: 6/5/99
To: Gremlin930,,
To:, Flashbacck
To:, Zynervis, JAViola
To: RPearlV,,
To:,, Nataelia
To:, Precare,

Most notably, some people have requested that a few more people be invited who should now be on the e-mail list (unless I was unable to find them). Unless anyone has some vehement objections, it should all be okeydokey. Remember, I'm not expecting everyone to be sticking together for all of the day anyway. I'm sure we'll all just splinter into our own subcliques anyway.

// -------------------------- WHEN -------------------------- //
* Saturday, June 26, 1999 Morning - Late at Night
- A week after UCLA has finals, 2 weeks after CSLA has finals corresponding to first weekend of Summer school? This time was chosen to allow dumb people like Andrew to go to their graduation and if any of you have complaints about having too much school work during the first week of Summer school, you really don't need to come.

// -------------------------- WHERE -------------------------- //
* JonC's House in Arcadia
1033 Encanto Dr.
Arcadia, CA 91007
If you can get to the Santa Anita race track, you can get to my house. Will provide specific directions as the date approaches.

// -------------------------- WHO -------------------------- //
Name	Confirmed	Transport		Will bring:
Altair Y Can provide
Angela Y
Betty Y Go with Brain?
Brain Y N64 + Super Smash Bros?
Christine Y Basketball
Ed Hsieh Y
Haley Y
Ivy Y
James Y
Joe Y
Rebekah Y Provide for Pasadenaish
Suzanne Y Go with Brain Frisbee?
Z Y?

Andrew Not done 'til 22nd
Jarone In Town?

Dewey Just notified
Jacob Just notified
Lin Just notified
Susan Just notified

Claudia (and Tommy) No respone
Ed Baum No respone
- If you don't plan on attending, please reply to let us know so we can take you off the e-mail list and so we won't be counting on you to show up only to be disappointed when you don't. If you already confirmed, excellent, will see you there.

// -------------------------- WHAT -------------------------- //
You already know, ran through this stuff before. Basic idea, get everybody together and run amok. Some updates or restatements:

* Morning hike/walk. About a 10 min drive from house, there is a 2 mile trail we can walk up. Take a break, have a sandwich, then come back in time for lunch.

* Swimming. Lunchtime concurrently, my mom will provide. Those who don't feel like swimming can just have lunch and chat and play with the dogs on the patio.

* Really want to get pool table, but don't know if will be able to by then

* Someone bring N64 and Super Smash Bros has been requested. I elect Brain for this task as I know he has these. Also, someone can "borrow" Goldeneye from the EEP room or something.

* Bring good board/party games anyone has. Must be fun and interactive like.
That password game of yours Brain, for example, is much too passive. Preferably something a bit more exciting to get people to feel more invested in the game. Like Monopoly or Taboo or Magic or I don't really know. I think I have a BattleMasters set somewhere or another.

* At some point, we should go out for dinner. If you guys really don't want, I guess we don't HAVE to go to Red Lobster, but I challenge anyone to come up with a better suggestion. How can you ever beat Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits?

Uh... I can't think up anything anymore. Is too late. But will continue to update if things come up and will have detailed arrival instructions as the time approaches.