Hey, if the line's this long, it's gotta be good. --The Simpsons, as Bart and Homer wait in the line to the booth for...


If you've got anything to say here... then you suck, but in the meantime, just post it.

"Jonc, stop repeating that! It's getting old!" --Everybody -- and for your information, the queen of bs line was supplied by julia.
Posted on Sep 22, 1997, 22:09 by: JGP

"Ooh, I feel awesome right now, I'm the 100th guest to Jonc's quotes! I'm on top of the world now! So cool!" --So what if I'm just a little sarcastic?
Posted on Oct 21, 1997, 02:01 by: Jacob Lister

JonC's never going to clean out this dirty junk. --Anonymous
Posted on Nov 2, 1997, 17:48 by: Anonymous

Well geez people, if that's your friggin attitude, and after I setup such a nice forum for you people to post stuff. --Planning to break quotes page down into categories and possibly delete some stuff, but must first get a computer before can do anything.
Posted on Nov 4, 1997, 19:09 by: JonC

Oh Yeah!!! Got the 200th hit on the Quotes Page. --I'm so bored, that I checked this page out.
Posted on Nov 25, 1997, 02:35 by: PhattBoy X

Crown me king. I just became the 300th person to visit the quotes page. --JonC deserves numerous awards and praise. <--(Sure what the heck, I'll agree to that.)
Posted on Dec 23, 1997, 22:38 by: James

JonC, your one-liners are not really one-liners. --!!!
Posted on Dec 24, 1997, 22:34 by: I dunno.

Jonc... what's to keep me from javabombing the "libeling paul" site? --.
Posted on Jan 2, 1998, 23:41 by: God

Look Paul, just because I devoted a whole page towards your misery, what's the big deal. Anyway, you brought this upon yourself. --JonC, merely living up to his title as the Antichrist. With Paul being the self-appointed God, though with Ed currently contesting that title.
Posted on Jan 3, 1998, 02:01 by: Father of Lies, name attributed to Brain

Hey, check this out! Whenever any comments get posted on this page, JonC is notified by mail! That means that if everybody starts posting a lot of things, JonC will get spammed with his own e-mail! Hehe... Complain? Whatever do you mean, this is the greatest site ever to exist. --JonC deserves numerous awards and praise. JonC will probably get spammed with his own e-mail.
Posted on Jan 10, 1998, 02:37 by: Spam (R)

I can span jonc with his own e-mail? Wow! -- I like spamming jonc!
Posted on Jan 10, 1998, 03:35 by: revenge!

The Devil should be spammed. --JGP
Posted on Jan 10, 1998, 03:53 by: A follower of the holy one.

Wow Mr "revenge" I'm very impressed out how you were able to "span" me. I don't know how much more spanning I can take. --JonC, a shame one cannot convey sarcastic tone over the internet.
Posted on Jan 10, 1998, 16:59 by: JonC

Did I mention "this is why heaven doesn't have a guestbook?" No glut of e-mail messages! --God
Posted on Jan 10, 1998, 22:00 by: Himself

You know what this page needs? A counter! That way we can register all the Jonc disgruntlement ourselves :) --JGP
Posted on Jan 11, 1998, 03:49 by: JGP

Hey, JonC! You should set up your Mocking Paul page to automatically send Paul an e-mail whenever someone posts something there! That would rule! He would get spammed with mockings of himself! Complain? Whatever do you mean, this is the greatest site ever to exist. Well, at least it is if it sent e-mail to Paul whenever anybody mocked him. -- JonC deserves numerous awards and praise. Well, he deserves numerous awards and praises if he sets up his page to send Paul e-mails with parody about him.
Posted on Jan 13, 1998, 02:27 by: Spam (R)

Much as it sickens me to talk to ignorant mortals, I am here to bring the light of truth to this page yet again. Even if JonC could make that page spam me, I use a real program. While Hell uses the AOL mail-reader, Heaven uses Eudora. Eudora not only has filtering capability, it has an autorespond. I could counterspam jonc 3 times for every spam sent to me. --Somehow I doubt it.
Posted on Jan 13, 1998, 23:36 by: JGP

Come on JonC! Do it! Set up your page to spam Paul! You could set it up to spam him using a random address and subject header, so he couldn't spam you back! And even if he did spam you back, it would be worth it! Spam spam spam spam spam spam spammety spam, wonderful spam! ARG. I wanted to attach a sound file in here of the spam song. --JonC, this would make your page a Top Ten contender!
Posted on Jan 14, 1998, 01:57 by: Spam (R)

I'd return-spam you too jacob. --
Posted on Jan 14, 1998, 22:39 by: GOD

Why am I getting return-spammed? And with what? --G.O.D.: Gangrenous Old Dog. (See above quote from Comrade Fryboy)
Posted on Jan 15, 1998, 01:40 by: Monsieur de Lister

Hey, does anybody realize that hardly anyone ever goes to JonC's page now? He is slowly dying away.... --Ed Hsieh!
Posted on Feb 23, 1998, 22:52 by: Ed Hsieh! (duh!)

It hasn't been a slow death, as soon as school started I lost this website war, I just haven't wanted to spend the time. --JonC, I think both Brain's new, and Paul's site have gotten like an order of magnitude more hits than I have in the last couple months..
Posted on Feb 25, 1998, 01:58 by: JonC, complaining to myself

You know, you really ought to put counters on the individual quote pages, or at least on the "Mocking Paul Page," you could get some pretty high numbers on that one. --JonC deserves numerous awards and praise, but mostly for his Paul Parody Page.
Posted on May 28, 1998, 03:18 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

Well, I am the 1200th visitor to your main page, and the third visitor to your JavaScript page. Your program is pretty simple. Why don't you program it so that people from all around the world can get on your webpage and play Nibbles With Frags (NWF) (tm) against each other? It would be much more interesting than trying to guess a number. And it's very simple to guess if you use a binary system. But you really ought to program NWF on your site, imagine, people from around the world could rejoice at Fragging Paul time and time again! So get cracking! I won't even charge you if you want to use some of my code. Hurry up, I need to Frag Paul more! --JonC deserves numerous awards and praise if he programs Nibbles With Frags into his webpage. It would be the penultimate triumph of this webpage over Paul's page.
Posted on May 29, 1998, 03:10 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

Hey, come on, if you can make a text box, you can make Nibbles With Frags. It's really easy, and, contrary to popular belief, you don't have to know Q-Basic. Weren't you a Computer Science major for a while? This should be a breeze! Now get cracking! --JonC deserves numerous awards and praise, except that he is stalling his implementation of Nibbles With Frags.
Posted on May 30, 1998, 04:12 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

Oh, and by the way, the text on your text box doesn't get any faster after speed=32 or so, it was the same speed at speed=1.56764265941e203 as it was at speed=1024, and that's not very fast at all. --JonC deserves numerous awards and praise to be taken away from him for failing the public by not putting Nibbles With Frags on his page.
Posted on May 30, 1998, 04:25 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

So that you are aware, it is probably somewhere next to impossible for me to program NWF with JavaScript. Then even if I could, I doubt there's anyway I could make it multiplayer. You would probably need to program a Java applet or something for that, which I have no idea how to do. --JonC trying to quell the demands of the people.
Posted on May 30, 1998, 17:39 by: JonC

So what. Write it. You're stalling. I NEED TO FRAG PAUL!! --JonC is avoiding appeasing the masses! His power-mad scheme is corrupt! He's exploiting the workers! His imperialist dogma must stop! Workers of the world unite!
Posted on Jun 1, 1998, 02:13 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

Hey, everybody go to my website: Lhasa Ehmo's Bunker --JonC deserves numerous awards and praise, but my web page is funnier.
Posted on Jun 2, 1998, 01:50 by: Lhasa Ehmo

JonC's page really is dying away. He hasn't been getting many hits at all. He's got 1250 or so now, but that's total since August 1997. I've gotten 130 in under a week, so it's gotta be good! Well, some of those are my own hits, but I haven't been half that many times. Check it out at http://members.tripod.com/~Lhasa_Ehmo/index.html --Paul's site hasn't gotten that many hits either, and nobody uses his vaunted chat-room either!
Posted on Jun 5, 1998, 01:22 by: Lhasa Ehmo

Geez, JonC, you just programmed a game worthy to be solved by a seven-year old. Go program Nibbles With Frags. But instead of reprogramming it all into JavaScript, why not take it up in Visual Basic? You can make scripts in it also, so then you can just rehash all the old code! Makes life easy, right? Get crackin'! You aren't a student for nothing you know! And you should change the image in your tile game. Some of us don't play magic, you know, and can't recognize the top of the pic without the aid of gravity. Get a pic of Paul! No, wait, that wouldn't be very good either, it would scare little children and it would boost his ego. --Well, whatever.
Posted on Jun 8, 1998, 04:29 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

Hey, JonC, when I beat your MastrMind (sp) program, it doesn't reset the pics or anything, so I can continue to enter the same guess again, until I fill up the guess list. So far I've played two games and won twelve times. That's a 600% win ratio. That's pretty good. --I deserve numerous awards and praise for having a 600% win ratio.
Posted on Jun 21, 1998, 03:24 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

Gee, this site is really crawling toward 1400 hits. I think Ed Hsieh and I are the only people who even come here anymore. Actually, I kinda wonder if anybody visits any of the other EEP sites. --Don't tell me you're too busy studying, we all know that's a lame excuse.
Posted on Jun 27, 1998, 01:46 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

Well, I think I've been the only one to visit this site in like a week or so. But JonC doesn't have any document in his revision history! I'm writing this here so that everybody can know that for all time, JonC had no revision history file, even though he had a link to it! Uhm... I gotta go find something better to do with my time. --JonC deserves numerous awards and praise. No, JonC deserves more hits on his webpage.
Posted on Jul 4, 1998, 02:56 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

Uh... JonC, you're MastrMind JavaScript thing is really screwy right now. All the pics are off, and it keeps saying I have three guesses in the correct spot and all, even if I know they aren't. Oh, it also won't let me chose 13500 image slots either. I think you must have programmed it to cheat so that people would have a really hard time winning. --JonC deserves to go back and fix his program?
Posted on Jul 24, 1998, 03:28 by: Monsieur le Marquis de Lister

I don't know what you're talking about, I just played the MasterMind game right now. Actually, there does seem to get screwy sometimes when the page is first loaded. Try once you've loaded the page to reenter the URL so that it gets reloaded. --Indeed I do deserve numerous awards and praise.
Posted on Jul 24, 1998, 03:34 by: JonC

Jon C is a big fat dork. -- I like Jon B more.
Posted on Oct 24, 1999, 17:58 by: Jimenna

Jon C., I'm going to kill you. I've been searching for you so that you could meet my friend Cynthia who's here only till this Wednesday, and you're off in la la land. -- La LA la la-la-la, LA la la-la-la
Posted on Dec 12, 1999, 20:40 by: Jimenna