JonC 101 / Brainteaser Collection / 5 Pirates, Voting to Split 100 Gold Pieces

You are the eldest of 5 pirates, and fortune be with you, you discovered buried treasure of 100 gold pieces.

Being the oldest pirate, you get to decide how much each pirate's share will be. However, once you've laid out your plan, stating how much each pirate will get out of the 100, the 5 of you will take a vote as to whether they like the plan (your vote counts as well).

Once the vote is taken, if AT LEAST 50% of the vote is in your favor the pirates must abide by your decision of who gets what share. However, if you do NOT get at least 50% of the vote, the other pirates KILL you, and then the next oldest pirate gets to decide what shares the remaining pirates will get. Of course, even the next oldest pirate's plan would have to be voted on, making it possible that he could be voted out and killed and it would repeat for 3 pirates then 2, etc.

Assuming all 5 pirates, including you, are equally intelligent and all have only these goals: 1) Get as much gold as possible for themselves and 2) Stay alive,

What share would you specify for each pirate, and yourself, and how would you reason with the pirates to ensure you get enough of the vote to stay alive and keep your share?