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Zelly's page
Z's latest incarnation, a joint effort with fellow EEPster Elly. I never knew the latter, having transferred away before she arrived, so you'll have to go to their site yourself to witness their madness first hand.
The Web Site of Ed Hsieh
Ed's on the road to web publishing too. At least he has the right idea by learning the HTML directly. But I've see a bit too many insults to my page either in his site or especially in his guestbook.
Lhasa Ehmo's Bunker
A site concocted by the likes of Jacob who apparently has WAY too much time on his hands lately. Has a variety of stuff, and he's working on Nibbles with Frags for the net, but which obviously will never be completed. Only other thing I have to say, I think Jacob has some sort of bizzare and frighteing obsession with Paul.