JonC 101 / JavaScripts
JavaScripts Here are several samples of JavaScripts and some Java (via an applet interface) that I cooked up.
Title Created Updated Description
June 2010 July 2010 Online implementation of the Flash Duel card game developed by Sirlin Games. Basic functions and rules implemented, but development is ongoing.
Winter 2003 Winter 2003 Simple countdown timer. Input a time in minutes and seconds, and it will start displaying a countdown in large font on your screen. This can be very handy for putting in front of someone giving a presentation to help them track their time remaining. Additional features include the screen "flashing" yellow with 1 minute left and then turning "red" once time runs out and it starts counting into negative time.
03/38/2002 03/38/2002 Date calculator which can answer the question, "What is X business days from now?". Besides the core Java class which performs the calculation via a cheap applet interface, this sample contains examples of several DHTML customer controls I developed. The most interesting would be a calendar popup widget for selecting dates via a calendar like interface. There is also an item selector which allows the movement of list items between an "available" and "selected" list.
06/20/1998 11/15/1998 A classic logic game, see if you can guess the sequence of four colors, (actually in my game it's a sequence of Magic pictures). Game grid is highly customizable, allowing you to vary the level of difficulty greatly.
06/05/1998 06/12/1998 Emulates those tile sliding games you used to play as a kid, or perhaps still do? Play this now, to relive those moments of frustration when you couldn't figure out how to get the tiles to move to the right place together.
05/28/1998 05/28/1998 Generates random number which you keep guessing while program tells you if you're guessing too high/low. Not all that exciting, but it's always the first thing to come to mind to program when I learn a new language.
Besides learning by viewing and swiping other people's source (Try View->Document Source or if you're using IE, right click on the page and View Source), you can find a whole bunch of useful cool information available from the Webmonkey.
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