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C&C Custom Missions

Mission Name Description File File Size
Hell Valley hellvaly.txt 5.9k
Operation Apache apache.txt 7.8k
Peak of the Mountain peakmntn.txt 5.2k
Seizure of Assets seizure.txt 6.6k
Air Traffic Control airtrfc.txt 5.9k
Tiberium Origins,
tbrorign.txt 47.4k
Box Grid
Multiplayer Map
Excellent, balanced, strategically
minded multiplayer map (IMHO) 847 bytes
Box Grid
Red Alert version
Box Grid map on Red Alert scale (96x96)
including watery periphery
96x96bo2.mpr 6.7k

Mission Usage Utilities

Utility File Size Description
Mission Making Manual v1.8 56.4k Self written document, How to Create Your Own Command & Conquer Missions, explaining just about all you need to know in order to make your own Command & Conquer missions and multiplayer maps.
Covert Operations Demo 20.7k This is the demo for the Covert Operations add-on containing two single player missions as well as two multiplayer maps. More importantly, if you wish to play my missions and don't already have Covert Ops, you should download this to make the installation of my missions a LOT cleaner.

Go to the Temple of the Conqueror or the Command & Conquer -=Data Downlink=- to get other tools to help make your own missions as well as to find all sorts of other goodies.

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