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Dwarf Profile

Dwarf The Dwarf can be agonizingly slow on the draw for many of his moves, especially for throwing weapons, but performing simple combos where each attack does multiple hits multiplies to equal EXTREME damage.

If you can connect at the right distance a slash move, cancelled into a rising attack, you're pretty much guaranteed to kill any low level monster, or do 1/3 - 1/2 a life bar off of a boss. When in a bad spot, the dwarf's rising attack can help him escape as he rolls forward a bit on the ground then comes flying up with his axe spinning hitting any enemies around him.

The dwarf's ability to get extra treasure out of chests allows him to actually ultimately get more gold than even the thief. Like the fighter, the dwarf is one of the more straightforward characters in that mostly all he does is go around hacking things up, but it does take some skill to get around his slowness which can really be a liability at times. Once that is under control however, the dwarf can be one of the most powerful and effective characters in your party.

Dwarf Facts
Default Name Dimsdale
Primary weapon Hand Axe
Preferred weapon Battle Axe
Common Items Magic Missile Rings, Arrows
Character's Cap Battle Helmet
Weapon / Item
Only one who can wield the Battle Axe
One inventory slot taken up by shield "Guard"
Cannot execute ...slash, overhand... combo
Class Special
Only character with a berserker move executed by rapidly pressing attack button
Usually hits enemies multiple times with only one swing
Has brutally powerful rising attack
Has unusually strong/fast jumping ability
Kick maneuver is instead a headbutt
After opening chest, can break chest to obtain more treasure
If in party, at fire/ice world branch point, have additional option to go through underground caverns guided by the dwarf