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Fighter Profile

Fighter A fairly straightforward character, suitable for first time players, the Fighter goes around slicing up enemies.

The fighter's rising attack works well to clear out any enemies in front of him, but leaves him somewhat vulnerable from behind. Equipping the fighter with a Short Sword is quite cool as he replaces his shield with the Short Sword and starts attacking dual-wield style.

Compared to the dwarf, the other melee character, the fighter lacks as much raw power, but overall moves much more fluidly. A nice perk for the fighter is that he seems to have a knack for getting the best items out of chests.

Fighter Facts
Default Name Crassus
Primary weapon Normal Sword
Preferred weapon Two-Handed Sword
Common Items Lightning Rings, L.B.Oils
Character's Cap Battle Helmet
Weapon / Item
Only one who can wield Two-Handed Sword
One inventory slot taken up by shield "Guard"
Cannot execute ...slash, overhand... combo
Class Special
Equipping short sword switches fighter to dual wield by putting away his shield and holding a sword in both hands.
When doing rising attack, pressing attack again allows fighter to pull a second swing.