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Thief Profile
Thief Facts
Default Name Moriah
Primary weapon Normal Sword
Preferred weapon Sword of Lighting
Common Items Invisibility Rings, Lighting Rings, (Silver) Daggers
Character's Cap Thieves Hood
Weapon / Item
No shield
Class Special
Back hop maneuver is backflip which leaves thief temporarily invincible.
Pulls out dagger during slash move for a scissor like attack that scores two hits.
Rising attack ends with thief tossing equivalent of a Large Burning Oil on the ground.
In inventory, has stock of unlimited sling rocks
Can double jump in air, as well as off of walls
Can execute backstab maneuver on enemies
Can open any chest without a key
Can detect traps before tripping them
Can steal items from enemies by ramming them

Thief Playing well with the Thief probably requires the most skill, but it is generally agreed she is the most fun character to play, just because of all the neat and rather unorthodox tricks she can pull.

In combat, I personally think she's superior to the fighter, actually, except maybe in comparison to the dwarf's power, I think she is a superior fighter to all the characters especially because of the double hit scissor slash attack. Thus, if the party should get a hold of the Sword of Legends, I recommend giving it to the Thief rather than say the fighter.

Her rising attack leaves her fairly vulnerable, but the pseudo-L.B.Oil can be very handy for knocking down bosses or large groups of enemies. Her backstab move isn't all that practical to use, but it sure is funny just to watch it. Her ability to steal items from enemies is very handy, mostly for getting L.B.Oils out of hellhounds, or getting a second Displacer Cloak is cool too. Her lack of a shield and below average hit points can be problematic as it makes several normally easy bosses a fair challenge, but the backflip compensates somewhat.

Items the thief can steal from various enemies
Information from
Goblin Garnet / Onyx / Opal / Aquamarine
Kobold Dagger / Silver Dagger
Axe Gnoll Oil / Battle Axe! (After Manticore stage)
Bow Gnoll Arrow / Silver Arrow
Troglodyte Anklet / Orb
Hellhound L.B.Oil / Flame Shield
Shadow Elf Gold Piece / Circlet
Ghoul 10 silver / Orb
Skeleton Nothing
Owlbear 10 silver / Egg of Owlbear
Gargoyle Orb / Earrings
Riyakaa Nothing
Goblin War Machine Nothing
Dark Warrior I Bracelet
Red Man Scorpion Orb
Green Man Scorpion Earrings
Harpy Nothing
Tel-Arin #1 Level 1 / Level 2 Normal Sword
Yellow Ogre Ring of Spell Turning / Tiara
Green Ogre Gauntlets of Ogre Power / Helmet
Beholder Nothing
Green Dragon Nothing
Manticore Egg of Owlbear
Lich Cannot even touch him
Displacer Beast Bless / Haste potion / Skin of Displacer Beast
Black Dragon Nothing
Chimera Storm Blade / Staff of Snakes
Red Dragon Nothing
Fire Salamander Nothing
Frost Salamander Nothing
Tel Arin #2 Level 3 Normal Sword/Bastard Sword
Ezerhorden Might instantly kill yourself. Bug?
Dark Warrior II Bless / Haste Potion / Morning Star
Nagpa Nothing
Synn What do you know, nothing