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Elf Profile
Elf Facts
Default Name Lucia
Primary weapon Short Sword
Preferred weapon None really, short of the Sword of Legends
Common Items Continual Light Rings, Level 5 Scrolls
Character's Cap Tiara / Circlet
Weapon / Item
Class Special
In inventory, has stock of unlimited arrows.
Downthrust maneuver can bounce off of enemies' heads several times
If in party, at Forest of Despair branchpoint, have additonal choice to cross forest bridge guided by elf.
Elf Spells
Level 1 Magic Missile
Level 2 Invisibility
Level 3 Fireball
Lightning Bolt
Level 4 Ice Storm
Polymorph Other
Level 5 Conjure Elemental (Air/Earth)

Elf An apparently well rounded character with decent fighting ability, as well as a load of offensive magic to sedate those boss monsters. The Elf combined with the Cleric makes for the best two character team, each competent in melee fighting with complementary protective and offensive spellcasting.

Despite her positive attributes though, the Elf's very low hit points forces one to be more cautious when playing her. Especially in the early battles, with such low hit points, playing with the Elf leaves little margin for error.

If you can get past that hurdle however, the Elf plays very well throughtout the game. Competent enough fighting skills gets you through the normal monsters, and the magic spells can really make the difference against the bosses.