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Magic User Profile
Magic User Facts
Default Name Syous
Primary weapon Staff of Strength
Preferred weapon Staff of Wizardy
Common Items Cure Serious Wounds rings
Character's Cap Magician's Hat
Weapon / Item
Can only, and is only one who can, use the various magical wands and staffs.
No shield, panic move, slash attack, or rising attack
Cannot use arrows or hammers
Too weak to lift chests, or to push statues in the floating castle
Class Special
Instead of kick maneuver, has shoulder charge
Only character who can score a critical hit (with poison dagger)
Back hop maneuver does short teleportation where Mage is temporarily invincible.
Necessary to perform the Final Strike move
Magic User Spells
Level 1 Magic Missile
Level 2 None
Level 3 Fireball
Lighting Bolt
Level 4 Ice Storm
Wall of Fire
Level 5 Conjure Elemental (Fire/Water) (Black Mage)
Cloudkill (Green Mage)
Level 6 Flesh to Stone
Projected Image
Level 7 Reverse Gravity
Level 8 Meteor Swarm (Black Mage)
Power Work Kill (Green Mage)

Magic User While the black Magic User is probably the coolest looking character, what with the spiky hair with white streaks and all, he's definitely the most difficult character to play with. Playing as the mage requires a much different style of play as you will not have much to contribute to melee fighting, but spell casting will become critically important.

The mage has very negligible fighting ability and a puny number of hit points. The mage has other liabilities such as not being strong enough to lift chests and lacking standard "rising attack," "slash attack," and "panic moves" that the other characters posess.

Why play the mage then? He can often singlehandedly kill bosses with his plethora of offensive spells. Normally difficult boss encounters, such as the Man Scorpion, the Dark Warrior and Nagpa become trivially simple with a ready mage.