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Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara This has got to be the greatest arcade game that ever was. Well, at least I think so. What's especially nice about it is that I've played it enough to be able to beat it on one quarter. What's even better is that it takes an hour and a half to beat the game so this has definitely got to be by far the most efficient game to play. Besides that, it's still great fun even though the number of times I've played it are probably already in triple digits.

The game is primarily a typical side scroller of the Final Fight genre, but using various items, several choices for weapons, casting a slew of slick spells, decision making, impressive and sometimes even awesome bosses, great artwork, and the choice of several unique, well-designed characters to choose from keeps the game far ahead of other such games as well as all other games in my opinion.

Screen Shot: Elf Battle It's a shame that the game is somewhat old now and not many arcades have it anymore, if ever. Hell, even the IDIOTS at the UCLA arcade took it out. Even the dorm arcade took it out! Now what am I supposed to do? I used to go play virtually any time that I had at least an hour and a half free, and now I'll probably never play it at all. NO!!! Well, I guess the arcades weren't too happy that I was pretty much the only one playing, compounded by the fact that I would rarely spend more than 25 cents per game.

Screen Shot: Nagpa and Guardians Rejoice! For so long, I had to live an empty life with no D&D: SOM. Finally however, they have been able to emulate the game for the PC. Download the ROM from whereever you can find it (see links below). The easiest way to run the game is to grab the latest version of MAME. Ah, it's been so fun to play through the game with each of the characters and try a variety of different paths. Hope you guys have a gamepad and a lot of fun!

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can emulate the arcade game ROM, which is available for download from...
Look for it under the ROMs > MAME > D section.
Look for it under the MAME > D section or CPS-2 > D section.
Wikipedia page has some general info on the game and links out to several other sites rich with information and screenshots, etc.

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